The Perfect Everyday Natural Lashes

How we're different

There are plenty of long and dramatic false lashes on the market that are meant for special occasions when you're all glammed up. Here at Evrylashes, we decided to take a different approach. We're all about everyday, natural lashes. In fact, when we design our lashes, each style must pass the following tests:

    • "the daytime test" — can we comfortably wear these lashes during the daytime, to work, on vacation, to brunch, etc. without feeling overdressed? 
    • "the no-makeup test" — do the lashes look natural on a bare eye without any eyeliner, eyeshadow, or heavy eye makeup?

If the answer to both questions above is yes, then that's how a style becomes a part of our collection! 

Credit: @alicieaher

Featured style: Patent Pending
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