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Our Story

EVRY Lashes are designed for smaller eye shapes and sizes. Our brand was founded by Paulina Le, who was having a hard time finding false lashes that fit her Asian eyes. We want to help Asian women embrace and enhance their natural eye shapes, but our lashes are perfect for anyone who loves natural-looking false eyelashes. 

A note from our founder

"I remember the first time I wore false eyelashes: I was 12 years old and going to my middle school Halloween dance, dressed as one of the Charlie’s Angels. Over the years, lashes have become my go-to makeup product; I find myself reaching for them even when I don't have time for a full glam. That's when I realized the transformative power of lashes and knew that lashes shouldn't only be worn on special occasions when you're all dolled up. So I set out to create lashes that are comfortable and wearable enough for everyday use...and that's how EVRY was born."



Because our lashes are shorter in length and lighter in volume and density, they look good on ALL eye shapes and sizes, especially smaller eyes, hooded eyes, and monolids — unique qualities often found in Asians.



    • Lightweight fibers and soft, flexible band make our lashes comfortable for all-day wear
    • Lashes are shorter in length, making them more natural-looking and wearable
    • Unique design is perfect for beginners, Asian eyes, and anyone who appreciates natural-looking lashes

      100% CRUELTY FREE

      We believe that the only way to truly be cruelty-free is to completely abstain from using animal byproducts in our lashes. Our lashes are made from sanitized human hairs, nylon, cotton, and other synthetic materials. We are committed to designing high-quality lashes that look just as good as (or better than) mink lashes. 


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