Our Story


Nice to meet you!

We’re EVRYLASHES, a false eyelash brand designed for smaller eyes. Our mission is to make you feel confident in lashes that compliment your natural eye shape. 

More than a brand— a movement

We believe in an unconventional approach to beauty. Our brand is for anyone who has ever been told that small eyes are anything less than beautiful. Join us in our movement to break conventional beauty standards and make the beauty industry more inclusive.

For small eyes ≠ short & natural

Each of our styles has been thoughtfully designed for small eyes. But this doesn’t mean that all our lashes are short and natural. There’s a misconception that people with small eyes can’t pull off long and dramatic lashes— we disagree. Our lashes are carefully crafted with the perfect combination of length, curl, thickness and layering (just to name a few) so whether you like your lashes long or short, wispy or full, we have a style for you.